Latest Facebook Cover Photo Size for 2019 + Templates

I once uploaded a beautiful cover photo on Facebook. Suddenly, without my notice, it became terribly ugly.

I got to know that Facebook cover sizes change frequently. So, here, I offer you the latest templates as well as a sample image to measure up with them. Press Ctrl+F to easily find anything specific on this page.

Here’s how it goes!

If your image is created as full HD – 1920px x 1080px – then it’s okay for all. Yet, some portions of it might be cut out on individual screens, so ensure you download this template to solve it:

Universal Template for Facebook .jpg (general usage) and .psd file (for Photoshop users).

Universal Facebook Template for Timeline covers

You can make use of a full HD background and include the necessary data in the green region.

This template is proven to be efficient for all the Facebook cover sizes listed. If you need a special cover, these are available.

Personal cover photo exact size 2019

Facebook cover template for personal timeline Facebook cover photo Click to download cover

This is measured for desktop. Optimize your cover photo for the following, if you don’t want your image to by stretched, thereby blurring it:

You can as well make use of a 360 degree cover photo.

Crazy, right?

Facebook Business Page sizes, 2019

Facebook Business Cover Photo size: 828x315 px
News Feed link pic size: 1200x900 px
News Feed link photo ratio: 4:3
Desktop news feed display: Up to 470x470 px
Mobile news feed display: Up to 626x840 px
Right column image size: 254x133 px

Facebook Business Page Story Cover Size 2019

To add your Facebook Business Story, click on the blue link which states + Finish your story to tell more people about your business. Next you’ll see the Our Story edit view. You may also choose to upload a photo here. 1200px x 445px is the recommended dimension for a Facebook Note cover image.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2019

There’s a difference between the sizes of the Facebook Group cover photo and the Facebook Page cover photo. The Facebook Group image is 820px x 462px.

What kind of cover image is attractive to people?

If you want more likes and shares, the following can help you get that:

Facebook Event Cover Image Sizes 2019

Just as the above Universal Facebook Template, the precise size for Facebook Event cover images is 1920px x 1080px (ratio 16:9).


Profile picture size 2019

Here, there are some hidden borders as well. Upload a prepared 180px x 180px image or larger, or crop it online using the Facebook inbuilt editor. The image will be resized and some pixels hidden as a result of profile borders. Ultimately, you will get a 160px x 160px image. Here’s a tryout:

Facebook profile picture might be cut


As stated in Facebook Help, you can also make use of videos:

You can take or upload a video of up to 7 seconds to use as your profile video. Profile videos appear at the top your profile just like a profile picture.

Profile size ratio generally is 1:1, so images with 300px x 300px, 567px x 567px, etc. can be uploaded. I am pretty sure you already get the idea. It has to be a minimum of 180px x 180px. And for retina displays, best above 360px x 360px.

Can I use larger images?

Yes, you can make use of larger images, as long as you retain the existing ratios. Since Facebook optimizes images, you may as well have better results. This means that it tries to make them fit rightly and a lot quicker to download.

What are these ratios and how are they calculated?

If you decide not to use the Universal Facebook Template above (which is already big enough), then the simplest way to obtain larger sizes is to multiply all sizes above by 2. This is a great idea and optional since retina displays make use of double the pixels of regular devices.

Here is everything in a table:

Facebook Cover type Normal size Doubled size
Width in pixelsHeight in pixelsWidth in pixelsHeight in pixels
Personal cover photo size851406 (can go down to 315)1702812 (630 cropped)
Facebook Business Page Size8283151656630
Facebook Business Page Story Cover6002221200445
Facebook Group Cover Photo Size820462 (desktop: 250)1640924 (500)
Facebook Event Cover Image SizeVarious. Best to use the template above.19201080
Profile picture size180180360360

How to crop your photos for Facebook?

This is mainly for those who would like to know how to cut photos for free.

I strongly recommend using a free software known as IrfanView. It can save your picture to .jpg for optimum resolution. It is also capable of changing the file format. If you downloaded your image as .png you can still convert it to .jpg.

After you installed and downloaded the program you can start it already. You don't need any plugins. To open your file either drag and drop it into IrfanView or press 'O' to Open it.

You can rotate your photo by pressing ’R’ or ’L’ to rotate either right or left respectively.

Next, draw a rectangle by clicking on anywhere on the photo and move the mouse. Don't worry about the right size yet. At anytime, you can hover your mouse around the borders to resize it. You can see the exact size at the very top of the window, as it refreshes as soon as you resize it.

Once you have the full HD size (1920px x 1080px) hold down the CTRL key and press 'Y' to crop it. Perfect!

Now only one important step left: to save it. Press 'S'. Type the filename and choose JPG/JPEG format from the dropdown list. Hit the Save button and you are ready to go.

Where can you find full HD or larger images for free?

To be most authentic, it is best to use your own photos for Facebook. If you’re too busy for that, you can as well get awesome images for free on the following websites:


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